Light Therapies

Pandora Star, deep trance meditation

Light therapy in which you are under the lamp with your eyelids closed and you are quickly in deep states of consciousness. You experience the frequencies and see visual frequencies that have different shapes, patterns, colors and images. Every desire or need in life begins with gaining consciousness. If you keep thinking the way you thought, you will continue to do what you did and get what you always got. Do you need inspiration, change or deepening? Or do you want to go on a voyage of discovery to your subconscious in a conscious state?

What can the Pandora Star support you with? A neuroscientist and psychiatrist discovered in 1924 that brains produce certain waves. Our brain is made up of billions of neurons, when they communicate with each other, the chemical reaction creates an impulse that can be measured. These are the brain waves. There are waves with a low frequency and there are waves with high frequencies that together provide balance. Our brain waves affect our emotions, thoughts, concentration, sleep, state of mind and how we see the world.

For whom?

The Pandora Star is suitable for anyone who is open to inner growth, personal development and awareness in a 1 on 1 session or in a group of max. 6 people. Also possible at companies. Treat your employees with unique experiences under the Pandora Star. Is it sometimes tough in your company, causing stress-related complaints? Or do you want to increase the work performance or creativity of your employees? The Pandora Star can help you with this.


Contraindication: Epilepsy & light sensitivity.

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