Energetic Therapies

How can I live in total freedom with ease in all areas? Total freedom is in our head. Control your thoughts or your thoughts control you. We keep ourselves trapped for years by our own limited thoughts or beliefs, 

so that we do not live to our full potential and feel caught. 

Body & mind are a unity whereby our thoughts have a great influence on our body and vice versa.

Acces Barss

Access Bars unload thoughts, feelings and emotions that hold you back to live in your full potential. Bars help you to destroy all the limitations and beliefs that have been created and secured throughout life. Think of it as a reset button that cleans everything and gives awareness and clarification. It is an invitation to create more space and it is an access to our consciousness.


Everyone is different, making every Access Bars session a unique experience. Every Access Bars treatment will be different. You lie comfortably on a massage table where 32 points are touched on the head. Because we go through different phases of our brain waves during a treatment you experience deep relaxation, feelings can be experienced through the body such as tingling or warmth.


Access Bars has already supported thousands of people creating change in terms of body, sleep, health and weight, money, sex and relationships, fears, stress and how can it get any better than this?

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