"Treat the sick person instead of the disease". The goal is to bring the body into homeostasis or balance, to balance the self-healing mechanism and to keep it that way. Together we investigate the cause of your complaint. With awareness of the cause, you choose what works best for you to resolve it. 

Energetic Therapies

  • Magic of Creating Space - Bodyproces By Acces Consciousness 
  • Acces Bars by Acces Consciousness - Reset your mind by touching 32 points on the head

Light Therapies

  • Pandora Star -Deep Trance Meditation Machine

Naturopathic Therapies

  • Naturopathic advice Nutrition, health & lifestyle

Bach flowers

  • Bach Original Flower Remedies capture positive potential of flowers & plants. Rediscover your inner sense of peace & serenity with our full range of remedies.

Young Living

  • Young Living Essential Oils. Authentic essential oils for every household.