Our Pedicure treatments

Mel's Place signature pedicure                          €38,50

Relax and soak in a hot foot bath. Dry skin is exfoliated with an aromatic sugar & salt scrub. Nails will be clipped and then smooth with a file. Unwanted calluses and or corns will be removed. Followed by a soothing massage of the feet and lower legs for a revitalizing spa finish. The nails will be painted in the color of your choosing (regular).

Prefer Gelpolish?  + €5,-

Bare Foot Pedi                                                   €35,00

Be bare foot ready with this refreshing foot treatment. Dip into sea salt foot bath, you’re nails, unwanted calluses and other discomforts will be treated. Massaged with lotion and the nails will be painted in the color of your choosing.

Prefer Gelpolish?  + €5,-

Relax Pedi                                                          €35,00

Relax you’re stressed, tired feet in a bath filed with warm water. Unwanted discomforts will be removed. The nails will be clipped and then then smooth with a file. A relaxing soothing massage eases foot tension and immediately calms the mind.

Add regular polish: + €5,-

Add gelpolish: + €10,-

Dutch pedi                                                            €28,00

A pedicure treatment the Dutch way:-)

Cutting the nails, Removal of excess calluses, if necessary corn (s) or ingrowing nails

Milling and polishing the nails, Polishing the foot, Taking care of nails and nail environment

The application of a nurturing foot cream for closure.

Add regular polish: + €5,-

Add gelpolish: + €10,-

Melanie & Jill are Medical Pedicurist. 

In addition to all the feet of healthy persons, the medical pedicurist can also treat the feet of those with risk feet. During her education she specialized in performing treatments at risk rates. Risk rates are vulnerable feet due to, for example, rheumatism, diabetes, vascular disorders, cancer, old age and neurological disorders. If your feet fall into the risk rate category, then regular treatment is important. The medical pedicure works closely with a general practitioner, nurse, podiatrist, physiotherapist and orthopedic shoemaker.