Our Body Treatments

With today’s hectic lifestyle it has become very important to interrupt the pattern and withdraw to take time for yourself. Allow yourself important moments of relaxation and restoration in everyday life to find your personal balance. Choose one of our treatments or massages.

Several massages can also be booked as duo treatments.

Full Body Massage                               € 59,50

Relaxing massage for the entire body.

 It's possible to choose a 60 or 90 minute session. The 90 min. is €89,50.

Classic Massage                                    € 45,00

The 45 minutes classic favorite for soothing those sore, overworked muscles of back, neck and shoulders. Tension vanishes and lifts your spirit.

DSR  Massage                                   € 54,50

Derma Segmental Reflexology which is a deep tissue massage technique that works on the skin, muscles, connective tissue and bones. It is a deep treatment of the third muscle layer. It stimulates a massive blood supply causing muscle tensions and blockages to be removed as well as toxins. This gives direct results in pain relief. It works on both the body and mind and aims to stimulate the self-healing mechanism.

Lymphatic Drainage                              € 59,50

60 Minutes soft massage where the lymphatic system get's stimulated.

Raindrop Massage                               € 89,50

The Raindrop technique is a relaxing, soft massage in which one can completely surrender to the relaxation. In combination with the 100% pure therapeutic essential oils by Young Living and the special massage techniques, the Raindrop is outside of a pleasant massage a valuable naturopathic therapeutic treatment. 

  • Gives relaxation & balance

  • Reduced back & pain

  • Detox for the body & mind

  • Stimulates blood flow & prevents inflammation

  • Prevents scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis.

  • Boost for your immune system.